Tom Andrews

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I love basketball and baseball, the Redskins and my wife (not necessarily in that order) and most of all Jesus who has been the center and purpose of my life pretty much as long as I can remember. Although I am grateful for an education that includes degrees at George Mason University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, I am even more appreciative for the college of hard knocks that has taught me lot more about faith, trust, and courage…essential qualities for any kind of spiritual growth.

In 2002, my wife and I moved to Virginia to start a church for people who have faced the down-side of life, disenfranchised from the church but seeking help from the Lord. A home Bible study grew and eventually led to a Sunday worship gathering in January 2004. Since that time we have seen many connected or reconnected to Jesus and many learning that church in a coffee-house-like setting can actually be a place of openness, honesty and authenticity.

We call ourselves inter-denominational (trying to draw the best from a wide variety), multi-generational and multi-cultural, flip-flop and blue jeans friendly (and open to coats and ties too). What we hope to do is keep Jesus as the main focus and let the peripheral issues stay on the sidelines… somewhat eclectic but always Christ-centered. I sense that leading HarborPointe in this unusual balancing act is my privilege and calling…and it surprisingly seems to work.

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Chris Meyers

Worship Leader
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Chris Meyers came on-board the staff of HarborPointe in the fall of 2017 and brought with him a wealth of music knowledge as well as experience in worship and ministry. Chris is married to Mary Meyers and they have two sons, Isaiah and Zechariah who are both high-schoolers. Chris and Mary have also taken up leadership roles of the youth group.

Vikki Adkinson

Children's Ministry Coordinator
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Hi, I’m Vikki! And I am pleased and honored to take on my new role as Children’s Ministry Coordinator here at The Harbor.My first visit to HarborPointe was a part of Take Back Ministries: Ministry in the Arts and we presented in dance at Weekend Way. From the moment I stepped foot in the building, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I then brought my girls to Family Movie Night that Saturday. Again, I was embraced with nothing but love, Christ love. My visit Sunday morning was even better, where I met Pastor Tom and his loving wife, Ann. I was hooked. I had been searching for a close-knit, loving, Bible teaching, Christ following, family-oriented church; and this was it. I initially found my place in service on the Worship Team. I love singing praises to The Lord and creating an atmosphere of worship to The Lord.

As my time at The Harbor grew, a desire in me also grew. This desire was to be a part of the entire function of the church even more. I began to place myself into position to help clean, to help with A/V, various events, teaching Vacation Bible School, and even dabbled in the Greeters Ministry a bit. I also obeyed the calling of Chaplain. I got to know a lot of our Harbor family. Little did I know that this positioning and this desire was preparing me for an even greater calling.

Outreach and Missions Minister

Outreach and Missions Minister

Hello, my name is Brett B. Ribblett, and I have been serving as the Outreach and Missions Minister at HarborPointe since 2015. I am a Hampton native and have been saved since I was 9 years old. I came to H.P.C.C. in 2013 as a bible college student and instantly fell in love with the family of believers here at HarborPointe. My vision and mission as the outreach minister is to share God’s love with everyone in our community and beyond through our servant community church body. Outreach through community connections in creative and unique ways that are centered around Christ and led by the Holy Spirit are essential to missions and outreach at HarborPointe. I look forward to meeting everyone who has the call of their heart to serve in missions both overseas and at home, as well as outreach connections in our church and community. I can be reached at or