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Pastor Bert White is a frequent speaker at HarborPointe community church and the voice behind

2016-12-18 Love Overcomes Everything


Love Overcomes Everything (Bathsheba – Advent) As Matthew takes us through Jesus’ family graveyard you will notice some people that you would expect and then there are those that you would not. Most cemeteries have a mix of characters that represent the best – and worst parts of our history. You will see the headstones […]

2016-10-16 The Long and Winding Road


Series: A Bend in the Road Less Traveled THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD Guest Speaker: Bert White “The long and winding road, that leads to your door Will never disappear, I’ve seen that road before It always leads me here, lead me to your door. ” (The Beatles) The storyline of the Bible begins with […]

2016-07-24 The Open Road


THE OPEN ROAD Luke 24 This morning we are invited on a journey, and at  first glance it is littered with roadblocks and obstacles. What appears to be a paradox is really an illusion, one that presented the Apostles with the opportunity to have  the eyes of their  heart opened. One that would transform their […]

2016-5-1 The Road of Uncertainty


Series: The Wrong Road The Road of Uncertainty Psalms 88; Mark 4:35-41 We live in a broken world where suffering is a guarantee. We all will encounter stress, tragedy, and times of crisis at some point in our life. Our individual circumstances can appear to be a persuasive argument against our beliefs, and during these […]

He Included You


One of the greatest misconceptions about the good news is that it begins when we receive Jesus into our life. The truth be told, it is not we who receive Jesus, It is Jesus who has received us into His Life. You see long before the foundation of the world was ever laid … Father, Son and Sprit planned that every human being would be included and participate in the fellowship they shared with and among themselves from all eternity. And salvation is all about believing that!