I suppose all of us know of some people who seem to be addicted to lying. They cannot tell the truth to others, or themselves (Jeremiah 17:9). What we need is a mirror to reflect truth… and maybe nothing is more powerful that the Scriptures taken in deeply and reflectively
(James 1:22-24; 2 Timothy 3:16).
Maybe the stories of the Scriptures can help us interact with the issues and aspirations in our own souls. One such story is about a con artist named Jacob, or Supplanter or Deceiver. After first conning his brother out of his birthright, his next quest along with his mother’s conniving was to wrest a blessing from his father which actually belonged to his brother Esau (Genesis 27:1-10). The lie was said, repeated and expanded (Genesis 27:11-24a) and the ruse worked
(Genesis 27:25-29).
Esau is left desolate (Genesis 27:30-38) and angry (Genesis 27:39-41).
Meanwhile, Jacob flees… back to the security of Haran the land of mother as well as his fraternal grandparents… his deceit forcing him into exile… one that lasts for some twenty years. But Jacob decides it is time to return home he is forced to face up to his brother and the division caused by his deceit. Before this encounter takes place, Jacob enters into a wrestling match with God where he gains a new name, identity, and approach to life (Genesis 32:24-28).
Once he has meaningfully encountered his God, he can now become open to reconciliation with his brother… and a new restored relationship ensues (Genesis 33:1-4).

Mon 1/19 James 1:22-24; 2 Timothy 3:16
How do the Scriptures affect your life?

Tue 1/20 Genesis 27:1-29
In what ways have lies positively impacted your life or someone else’s?

Wed 1/21 Genesis 27:30-41
How have lies negatively impacted your life or someone else’s?

Thu 1/22 John 8:44
How does Satan use deceit to accomplish his purposes?

Fri 1/23 Genesis 32:24-28
In what sense have you wrestled with God?

Sat 1/24 Genesis 33:1-4
How have you seen broken relationships restored in your life?