Series: Kingdom Restoration


Matthew 18:21-35

Too often we go through life we our fists clenched…out of fear, anger, or greed. Meanwhile, God invites us into his presence with open hands of generosity, peace, and encouragement.

True religion is all about others’ needs, not our own wants (James 1:27). But with a touch of irony, God sometimes demands even the neediest to give out of their poverty (1 Kings 17:7-12) and in the process, discover God’s provision (1 Kings 17:13-15).

In a New Testament story, Jesus praises the generosity of the poor widow (Luke 21:1-4).

Then he tells a story of his own generosity coupled with the envy of others (Matt 20:1-15). When we are so absorbed about coming in first then we will not have anything. When we learn to let go, and let God have his way, he can bless us in his own way (Matt 20:16).