This morning as we examine the question of how ordinary people like you and me enter the kingdom of God, we are going to be confronted with Jesus’ unequivocal demand to simply
“let go of everything”… something much easier said than done.

Ironically, Jesus who had very little going for him regarding money (Matthew 8:19-20) or status (Isaiah 53:2-3), was interviewed by a person who had everything life had to offer, wealth, power, and youth (Luke 18:18). But rather than eagerly embrace this gifted person, Jesus chose to challenge him instead…first by having him look hard at how he has sought to fulfill the Ten
Commandments (Luke 18:19-21). When Jesus thought his answer was too shallow, he challenged him further, to sell everything and give the proceeds to the poor (Luke 18:22-23).

Jesus wanted to show that humanly speaking, it is impossible to enter the kingdom (Luke 18:24-25), but with God’s help any things can happen (Luke 18:26-27)…especially, if we are willing to let go of everything (Luke 18:28-30).