What is HarborPointe? Video


The thesis of Lewis Smedes’ newest book, Keeping Hope Alive, resonates with the ministry vision of HarborPointe. This former professor at Fuller Seminary summarizes his book with the statement:

“Let me put it as boldly as I can: there is nothing, I repeat nothing, more critical for any one of us, young or old or anywhere in between, than the vitality of our hope.”

We believe our mission at HarborPointe is to address this fundamental need. To imprint it on our minds we have adopted the following motto for HarborPointe Community Church:

A Refuge Of Hope

Core Values

  • A deep and growing personal relationship with God as revealed in scripture.
  • Belief in the power and importance of prayer
  • Intentional outreach to those suffering from particular life needs
  • Authentic relationships based on small group accountability
  • Genuine worship open to all
  • Discipleship of new believers toward a position of spiritual maturity
  • Respect for the uniqueness of each person’s spiritual journey
  • Creation and expansion of like-minded ministries both at home and abroad


To provide a refuge of hope; a safe place to give and receive the comfort, encouragement and joy of Jesus Christ.